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Veterinary, Dental, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology and many other Healthcare practices.

What is Wait Marketing?

Wait Marketing takes the empty spaces when consumers are passing time and fills the void with engaging information and compelling messages designed to evoke the most effective and impactful consumer response… and reaction.


Research conducted in the United States and Europe proves that Wait Marketing is effective and well received by consumers. In fact, consumers are twice as receptive to messages they see and hear while they are waiting because they consider them to be entertaining in this context.


Manage your Wait Time and Reap the Rewards

How your patients’ wait time is managed, on the telephone and in your waiting room, is crucial to business growth.


Wait time is unavoidable and when left unaddressed can seriously undercut your bottom line.


The practice of having silence on hold, annoying beeps, radio static and unlicensed music from the doctor's personal CD collection is a poor reflection of the exceptional client care and service you strive to offer, while fines for playing the radio or popular music CDs can be hefty.


Reading material can be mildly entertaining, but unproductive wait time in your practice is contrary to your mission and philosophy.

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About Wait Media Group

Wait Media Group is a team of experts who recognizes that promoting your practice, brand and services has more to do with patient education than selling; and everything to do with relationship building.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help practices like yours build and retain strong, lasting relationships with your most important asset… your patients.


We know that the key to growing and maintaining any relationship is great communication. It’s about understanding and responding to what your patients want and need.


And what your existing and prospective patients want is information about the treatments and services available to them. What they need is direction from you to help them make informed decisions about their care.


Patients Don't Read Medical Journals

Your patients rely on you to keep them up to date and informed.


And you can rely on us to help you capture each and every opportunity to advise, educate and motivate your patients in a caring, nurturing way – a way that genuinely reflects the personality of your practice and your philosophy of care.


Wait Media Group understands the subtleties of marketing for healthcare practices. We understand that your patients have unique needs and how important it is that you stay connected to them.


Our specialists and internal marketing tools can help you elevate your level of client care, create a client centered culture and ensure that your patients know how much you respect and value them. Resulting in greater client retention, more referrals and increased average invoice.

Our Wait Marketing Solutions -

Good for Your Patients, Good for Your Practice

Our Wait Marketing Solutions help ensure that you are respectful of your patients' wait time while taking advantage of every opportunity to build your practice and your patients’ loyalty by educating and informing your patients about the full range of services available to them.


To engage and motivate patients we utilize targeted wait marketing tools, including:

Silence on hold is rude. Music on hold is ineffective. 88% of callers prefer on hold messages to both music and silence.


Using custom on hold messages enlivens and enlightens your clients’ telephone wait time. Our professional scripting educates, promotes and entertains your callers with information about your care, treatments and services.


No business should be without Message On Hold.


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Effective “Wait Marketing” campaigns result in:


The average wait time in a doctor's office is 19 minutes.


Surprisingly, 50% of your clients cannot name more than three services or treatments you offer.


Video Brochures are an exciting and easy to use audio-visual way to connect with and educate your clients about the variety of treatments and services you offer.


Video Brochures are conversational and friendly, never too clinical. Portable plug-and-play flexibility lets you place them anywhere clients wait in your practice with no network hook up, no hardware and no special wiring to install.


And, since studies show that there is a 27% increase in inquiries and requests for treatments and services with wait marketing, Video Brochures are an effective, client friendly way to build your practice while filling your patients wait time.

Advanced Level of Customer Care

Enhanced Patient Perception of Your Practice

Greater Patient Loyalty

Increased Average Invoice

Improved Treatment Acceptance

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