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Connecting industry leaders to doctors.
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We create custom, high quality Message On Hold and Digital Viewing Brochures for healtcare practices, such as Family Medicine, Pediatric Medicine, Veterinary, Dental, Plastic Surgery, Opthalmology, Chiropractic, Ob-Gyn, Optometery, Med-Spa's, Dermatology, Orthopaedic, Podiatry, Outpatient Surgery, And Many More

Wait Marketing & Message On-Hold Solutions
Benefit Your Organization by:

More and more consumers are rejecting traditional advertising. In fact, a Swiss study in the United States and Europe found that half of all consumers proclaim to be irritated by direct mail and internet ads. On the other hand, 9 out of 10 consumers welcome advertising and marketing messages while they wait (on hold, in a doctor’s waiting room, etc.) because they consider messages in this context to be entertaining.

In turn, messages to consumers while they wait have a greater impact. Independent studies in the Unites States and Europe confirm that consumers are at least twice as receptive while they are waiting. A TV ad viewed at home will be memorized by 17% of consumers, whereas that same ad, viewed while they are waiting in the doctor’s waiting room will be remembered by 27% of consumers.

Now, with our “wait marketing” solutions we can connect you directly with consumers where and when your messages will be the most welcome and have the utmost impact - while they wait, in their doctor’s offices or on hold with the practices.

Other flexible and customizable Co-operative and Private Label products are perfect for companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and nutrition industries, as well as local, state and national healthcare professional associations, to sponsor, in whole or in part, the cost of implementing an ongoing internal marketing and educational campaign for their clients’ practices or member doctors.

Our corporate programs allow you to customize the editorial and/or advertorial message and educational content of the wait marketing solution you elect to sponsor for veterinary, dental, plastic surgery or ophthalmology practices.

This provides industry leaders a way to promote their products, services and brands while endowing client or member practices with their very own patient education and internal marketing program. In turn, this will facilitate practice growth, increase treatment acceptance, earn referrals, enhance patient care, and foster personal and genuine communications with patients.

Wait Media Group Lets You Connect Directly with Consumers
Where and When Your Messages are Most Welcome

Adding Value to Membership in Your Organization

Furthering the Goodwill Towards Your Products and Brand

Enhancing Perception of the Investment in Your Clients/Members’ Success

Promoting Your Brand, Products, Philosophy, Direction or Mission Directly to Consumers

Allowing you to Handpick Scripting and Customize the Educational, Editorial and Advertorial Content of Messages

Generating a New Revenue Stream with a Private Label Option