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Message On Hold for Dental Practices
Message On Hold for Dental Practices
Message On Hold for Dental Practices
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Wait Marketing Solutions for Dental Practices! Custom Message On-Hold and
Waiting Room and Exam Room Video Brochures

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We custom create messages for each and every dental specialty and discipline. Click on the disciplines below to hear various sample messages

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General Dental, Waiting Room DVD

Our custom messages elevate your practice and level of client care by helping you promote specific treatments and services.
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-  15 to 20% of callers that hear messages on-hold do something positive with the information, such as schedule an appointment or tell a friend

The average client in your practice can’t name three services you offer other than what they’ve been in for. For clients to refer effectively they must be made aware of all the services you offer

-  88% of callers prefer on-hold messages over both music and silence

-  60% of callers placed on-hold to silence will hang up

-  30% of first-time callers who hang up to on-hold silence will not call you back

Did you know...?

We know you want to reach the next level of success. And to do that you must stand out.

Wait Media offers wait marketing and message on-hold solutions to help you grow your dental practice, earn referrals, and enhance your patient care while fostering personal and genuine communications between you and your patients.

In any dental office wait time happens. But unfulfilled patient wait time (on-hold on the telephone or anywhere in your dental practice patients pass time) can seriously undercut your bottom line.

Patients considering preventive, aesthetic, restorative or specialty dental treatments crave information and appreciate direction when making informed decisions about their care.

Our Wait Marketing and Message On Hold Solutions help ensure that you are taking advantage of every opportunity to educate and inform your patients about the full range of services available to them.

Wait Media Group's Telephone On-Hold Messages and Video Brochures fill the empty spaces and engage the wait time of existing and prospective patients. Educational information and compelling promotional messages are presented in context and primed to evoke the most effective and impactful patient response and reaction - with virtually no effort on your staff's part.

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